Small Art #1

Here are the tags I make as time goes by,they are sorted from newest to oldest…

Continues to Small Art #2…


36 responses to “Small Art #1

  1. Tyroncs from forum grepolis, very nice work here. You should also post all the sigs you have made for the people on the forums as those are also very good

    • Tnx m8,those sigs on the forums you mention were from my old style which I don’t use anymore,so that’s why I didn’t post them…:)

  2. Thanks for all your help. Let me know what name you would like for me to give credit on my site too. I can even post your site on there if you wish.

  3. Hey man I love your work. It’s absolutely amazing. You have seriously impressive skills. I was wondering if you could make a banner (or whatever they are called I’m new to this lol) What I would like is
    Something demonic like your fury or satan’s angel and with explosions in the background
    it to say “Lay Ho Heave” and “Sappers”
    If you do this for me I’ll make sure to refer you to all my friends who talk on forums, and I would be extremely appreciative.

  4. Στο έχω ξαναπεί, οι υπογραφές σου είναι φανταστικές, μπράβο σου.
    Γιατί δεν τις ποστάρεις και στο Deviantart?

    • Ευχαριστώ αλλά ποιος ο λόγος;
      To DeviantArt είναι πιο πολύ αν δεν έχεις φτιάξει κάποιο δικό σου σάιτ για να έχεις μια γκαλερί…άμα έχεις δικό σου σάιτ δεν υπάρχει λόγος,τουλάχιστον όχι για μένα…;)

  5. Hey Law Long time no see U look like you keep better and better, (even though you’re the best in grepoGFX) but man do i miss your art popping up all over the forum, Keep up the awesome work!

    • If you mean the one in the Home page then yes, it is a variation of the Hulk tag.
      About the tag you made, it is alright, far better than the ones you were making from when I was in GrepoFX if I may say 😛 , you have improved.
      But still you have a long way to go (if you would take some advice, that would be to add some depth and improve the text, and I’m not really digging that white area in the right, it messes with the focal. If you want to make something like that it would be better if you clip-masked a part of the tag on it), keep at it my friend… 😉

      • Thanks, I will tell you when I make a new sig I will use some of the advice you gave me. Thanks agian and keep up the good work!

    • I love the text that is like “tattooed” on his arm, nice idea. The light behind all those fractals and c4ds does indeed give it some depth, just watch the contrast and the saturation a bit because you pushed it a bit too far, at least for my liking.
      Also, I would say to try to avoid big white borders at least in dark tags because they mess with the focal.
      All in all, good tag, keep it up. 🙂

      • I don’t know man, it’s been a while since the last time I made a tag or a tut, perhaps in the coming months but still I’m not sure if I’ll make anything… :/

  6. Ok but if you do make a Tut can you make Great Lepoerd fury? And why haven’t you made Tags recently, wait let me guess work or school right?

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